generation z age range

Because Gen Zers emphasize their education and careers so much, Barna thinks the church should prioritize “vocational discipleship”: This means teaching young people about the integration of faith and occupation, helping them to better understand the concept of calling and emphasizing the meaning and theological significance of work (not just their potential for professional or financial success). To a generation that values people and relationships so highly, fostering relationships with Gen Z is essential. Gay marriage and a black president is a way of life during this group’s formidable years, making diversity “the norm” thus eliminating any need to focus on the subject specifically. Facebook hasn’t lost its relevance completely, but newer social media like Instagram and Snapchat seem to appeal more to younger users. By rhythms, Morrow means habits. They especially like texting because of how manageable it is: According to the research, Gen Z and Millennials communicate with others more digitally than in person (65%). It seems likely there is a greater tendency in Gen Zers to struggle with their mental health. Members of this generation still prefer to have face-to-face human contact whenever possible, especially with people they know. Is Christianity relevant to your generation? CNN,, and studies cited by BuzzFeed. They will change direction on a dime without a second thought, leaving some of the older generations shaking their heads trying to keep up. And, competition against the clock is a constant.

They can also fail to see that sometimes the most loving step we can take toward people is to confront them with the truth and challenge them to live differently. Millennial women are twice as likely to be in the workforce as women from the Silent Generation. This piece of Gen Z research indicates that businesses are aware of the immense potential of this cohort.

Generation Z. These Gen Z trends that show extensive reliance on phones might be interpreted as unhealthy but also provide the surest way for businesses to target young customers. Gen Z eligible voters reflect the growing racial and ethnic diversity of U.S. electorate.

Therefore, depending on the exact definition chosen, the Generation Z age range in 2019 can vary quite a bit. Workplaces who lowered cubicle walls and created open work areas for the Millennial workforce may want to rethink this strategy because it is typically not embraced by members of Gen Z. What are their favorite social media apps and why? 95% of teenagers use or have access to a smartphone. What are Gen Z’s preferred methods of communication? They want what they want now! It’s not meant to be a sign of disrespect or disinterest in the person speaking to them, although older generations may interpret their lack of eye contact as such. With this mentality, they tend to rally behind causes that resonate with them, often before they even take time to consider the “other side.”, Diversity doesn’t even register with Generation Z. They’ve grown up in a diverse world and it’s all they know. ! Competition constantly drives this group. 77% of Gen Z-ers are also stressed out about work. Without question, she is connected to either her phone or computer constantly. While they may lack experience that only comes with time, their ability to change on a dime, process information quickly and compete make them a voice to be heard in any organization. No member of the Silent Generation has ever been president. These Generation Z social media trends are also an indication of the generation’s preference for visual over written content. Both Millennials and Gen Zers expect to change jobs every few years for a variety of reasons. For example, reports that “Since the early 1700s, the most common last name in the US was ‘Smith,’ but not anymore; now it is Rodriguez.”. The works of early twentieth century writers such as Gertrude Stein (credited with coming up with the generation’s name), Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and T. S. Eliot captures the disillusionment and overindulgence of the members of this group. Research shows that Gen Z’s favorite social media apps are Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

For many, communicating with someone halfway around the world may be easier than communicating with older relatives at the dinner table during a holiday meal.


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