frog kicks swimming
Why Frog Kick? His knees and ankles are together. The diver should relax and refrain from stiffening his legs and ankles. Finning for propulsion involves methods of producing thrust with the intention of linear motion through the water on the long axis of the body. Because of the direction of thrust is mostly in line with the diver, or slightly upwards, it is suitable for situations where disturbing the silt on the bottom can cause dramatic loss in visibility, such as inside wrecks and caves, and at any other time when the diver needs to swim close to a silty substrate. The third step of a the frog kick propels a diver through the water. His back should be arched, his hips thrust forward, and his arms extended. It may take a little practice to master, but learning this kick is worth the effort. Quick and jerky kicks provide very little power, stress the legs, and are uncomfortable. Use of the most appropriate finning style for the circumstances can increase propulsive efficiency, reduce fatigue,[1] improve precision of maneuvering and control of the diver's position in the water, and thereby increase the task effectiveness of the diver and reduce the impact on the environment. It is a powerful thruster, but not very fast. Feel the fins flexing as a natural extension of the kicking motion. It combines characteristics of the flutter kick, in that the stroke is up and down, and the frog kick, in that most of the power is generated in the closing part of the stroke. Allow the kick a few seconds to work its magic, and then slowly bring the heels upwards and flex the ankles to get back to the starting position. [2][7], Dolphin kick is the technique where both legs are moved up and down together, and may be done with paired fins or a monofin, which has foot pockets for both feet attached to a single wide blade. The frog kick is not as effective with split fins as it is with blade fins or turtle fins. You will be more relaxed and controlled underwater.

Changes in attitude from vertical to horizontal, and vice versa, are more common, and involve similar techniques. [1] Sustained moderate to high speeds increase gas consumption due to high energy output.

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His fins should be parallel to the floor. This is also a great kick because many times the glide phase of the kick can be prolonged, as you just hover and checkout the reef, or whatever you are looking at, and then kick again to move forward once more.Share this link with your Dive Buddies:

The fins are sculled from side to side using opening and closing motions of the legs, and the ankles rotated as best suited to the thrust needed to turn or hold the diver steady. The glide part of the stroke is essential for reasonable efficiency, so to be efficient frog kick requires good buoyancy control, and it is not efficient against a current. [7] It is similar to the side kick, but with the diver trimmed face downward. The muscle combinations used are different from those used for flutter kick, and alternating between the two can reduce the chances of leg cramps. [2] Some divers will use it as their standard kick even in more forgiving environments, as the resting position is identical for other kicks that increase underwater mobility, such as the backwards kick and the helicopter turn. The power stroke is followed by a glide, while the diver is in the most streamlined position with the legs nearly straight and the fins feathered. The basic diving skills of finning, buoyancy control, trim and breathing style work in combination for effective diving performance. Fatigue or musculo-skeletal stress is seldom an issue with maneuvering.

It is a preferred technique in cave diving. This can often be done by a technique similar to surface sculling, using small leg and ankle movements. *Note: The diver's knees may come apart a bit, and he may feel a small amount of rotation in his hips. Finning for propulsion involves methods of producing thrust with the intention of linear motion through the water on the long axis of the body.

The trick to the thrusting step is to make a slow, powerful motion. As the fins come together at the end of the stroke, it is not convenient to alternate every stroke, but legs can be changed after a few strokes if preferred.[7]. [1] Basic frog kick is a stroke with wide action, and is unsuitable for use close to a wall or in narrow spaces. I bumbled along with a herd of excited new divers, stirring up the soft, oozing muck at the bottom of the lagoon. When performed properly, the thin edges of the fins slice through the water without appreciable resistance. The best part of the frog kick is the fourth step -- the glide. It is similar to treading water, but without needing to bend and straighten the legs. [2], Flutter kick is effective for acceleration and sustained speed, particularly over moderate to long distances. Flutter kick is the alternating up and down motion of the legs, either from the hips or as the more restricted movement of the modified flutter kick, and is the most frequently used finning technique. At the surface the diver can use the same action rotated 90° as a side kick.

Some include: More forward thrust with less effort because the kick propels water only directly behind the diver -- not above or behind him. Some include: • Water is not propelled downwards, and bottom sediment is not stirred up. Our finning technique, the flutter kick, was quickly reducing the visibility in the lagoon. [1][2] The modified frog kick arches the back and retains slightly bent knees during the power stroke, which keeps the thrust further away from the bottom when swimming above silt. The diver should focus on pushing the water behind him using the power of his legs and ankles.

The frog kick is a much more effective kick and is easy to learn with proper instruction. [1] This can be done to some extent by streamlining diving equipment, and by swimming along the axis of least drag, which requires correct diver trim.


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