eastenders barmaids list
One of the longest-running original characters, Kathy remains in a prominent role, covering issues such as rape and domestic violence until April 1998, when Taylforth quit. She says she wants to keep herself to herself because she thinks that the Mitchells are all "stark raving mad" and that she does not fear any new barmaids as she had seen them come and go but she knows that she will always be behind the bar. In May 1986 she gets into trouble with her school for bullying another girl, and is in even more trouble with her parents for trying to hide it from them. Holland and Smith knew that for the soap to succeed there needed to be a varied group of characters, so that several different sections of the audience had someone to identify with. More recently known as Gail Rodwell. [1] The British Cot Death Foundation initially feared that a soap opera would trivialise the subject and frighten new parents.

Kenny had an affair with Pete's ex-wife, Pat Wicks (Pam St. Clement), and could be Simon's father, however, neither of them are Simon's father.

Seventeen months later, his character is killed off again – this time for good – at the hands of his manipulative second wife Chrissie (Tracy-Ann Oberman), on the show's 20th anniversary episode that was watched by over 1/3 of the UK population at the time. She worked in the Rovers on and off from the late 1960s until 1974 when she left the Street. In 1984 Annie retired and her son Billy took over. He appeared on EastEnders only last December as David, Janine Butcher's fiance.

Shelley arrived on the street in 2001 and began working behind the bar.

However when Annie went away, Bet was left in charge and there was an instant personality clash between the two barmaids. Saeed and Naima Jeffery are seen working in the local shop whilst Angie Watts is seen in The Queen Victoria, Walford's local pub.

Benny is a Jewish bricklayer who lived with his wife, Golda, at 5 Albert Square during World War II, later retiring to Clacton where Golda died.

On his arrival, he tends to Colin Russell (Michael Cashman) when he is attacked. The day after, he returns her knickers to her publicly over the bar. They tried to stop the episodes from airing, but in the end they were pleased with the way the subject was handled, and provided back-up support after transmission to many viewers who wanted more information on the subject. Arthur is a member of the first family of EastEnders, the Beales and Fowlers, and Holland took the inspiration for some of the series' earliest characters from his own London family and background. She sold the pub back to Steve.

Brian is interested in Pat's monetary affairs and their brief reunion is not pleasant. She was landlady between 2006 and 2011, before leaving for Spain and then returning as co-owner in 2013. Dot Branning describes Tracey as the person who "sees everything but says very little.". When the Carters face troubles with the barrels in the barrel store, they apologise to Tracey and ask her to return to work.

In 2013 she caught Karl trying to start a fire in the cellar, after a struggle she fell down the stairs and he left her in the blaze. Guizin Osman, played by Ishia Bennison, is the long suffering wife of the philandering Turkish Cypriot, Mehmet Osman (Haluk Bilginer). In early 1988, Chris makes plans to open up a haulage company at a disused tyre shop in Albert Square, but finds out that his driving licence is to be suspended for 18 months following his drink driving accident.


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