chernobyl radiation victims pictures
Roswitha Frieser, who had a stall in the Frankfurt market for 25 years before the disaster, holds up a poster that reads "The atoms have destroyed us," in May 1986. A liquidator, outfitted with handmade lead shielding on his head, works to clean the roof of reactor No. It burned for roughly 10 days. #, A Soviet technician checks the toddler Katya Litvinova during a radiation inspection of residents in the village of Kopylovo, near Kiev, on May 9, 1986. The radiation expert Alexander Yourtchenko carried the pole, followed by Valéri Starodoumov with the flag, and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Sotnikov with the radio. The flag bearers were sent despite the dangers posed by heavy radiation, and after a group of liquidators had already made two failed attempts by helicopter. 4. Schoolbooks lie on shelves in a classroom next to the door to a hallway of abandoned School Number 3.

Dima’s mother claims that Chernobyl’s nuclear fallout is responsible for her son’s cancer, but Belarusian officials are often instructed to downplay the severity of the radiation. #, A Chernobyl nuclear-power-plant worker holds a dosimeter to measure radiation levels, with the under-construction sarcophagus, meant to contain the destroyed reactor, visible in the background, in this photo taken in 1986. The workers and emergency responders were not the only ones to risk their lives—a handful of photographers went to the scene as well, managing to capture images of some of the chaos and acts of heroism that took place in the weeks and months that followed. The examination is carried out in an individual, air-conditioned chamber via specially created openings to avoid direct contact and contamination. #, An interior photo of a still-functioning section of the Chernobyl nuclear-power plant taken a few months after the disaster in 1986 At first, workers tried clearing the radioactive debris from the roof using West German, Japanese, and Russian robots, but the machines could not cope with the extreme radiation levels so authorities decided to use humans.

4 reactor. Instead, it became a ghost town. This undated picture, sent by Soviet television, show a man injured in the blast of No. #, A photo from Soviet television shows a man who was injured in the blast at Chernobyl as he receives medical attention.

At first, workers tried clearing the radioactive debris from the roof using West German, Japanese, and Russian robots, but the machines could not cope with the extreme radiation levels so authorities decided to use humans. A doll and shoes lay on a bench in a nursery school in Pripyat in April 2016, 30 years after the disaster. However, the media insisted there had been "no destruction, nor gigantic fires nor thousands of casualties.". The amount of radiation released due to the Chernobyl disaster was 200 times higher than the radiation released by the… At the end, the trio were rewarded with a bottle of Pepsi (a luxury in 1986) and a day off. #, An aerial view of the damaged Chernobyl nuclear plant undergoing repair and containment work in 1986


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