can a bad coolant temperature sensor cause car to stall

But this test will work great for a dead sensor. It’s such an important sensor, an engine light will alert the driver as soon as the on-board computer senses a problem. If the vehicle is more than seven or eight years old the fuel pump would certainly be suspect. A lower resistance reading doesn’t of course mean the sensor isn’t faulty. We’ll need to disconnect the sensor, with ignition on.

I've worked as a technician for a large Chevrolet dealer and in this article you'll learn what I learned about the Chevy... Clean & Reuse Car Air Filter? So, when a vehicle has a faulty manifold air pressure sensor, many different engine problems can occur.

So a bad misfire may cause it to stall. Most are torqued to about 15 lb ft, but check your model specs. Car trouble can cause a ton of anxiety, breakdowns, broken schedules, the possibility of a large workshop bill…all set off your internal alarm. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can take care of the situation without having to call someone to tow your car. Fit the new sensor ad washer (if applicable) by hand first before tightening. Set aside, don’t allow coolant to get on the contact pins.

I've been a mechanic for over twenty years, I use my knowledge and experience to write articles that help fellow gear-heads with all aspects of classic car ownership, from tires to roof aerials and everything in between. This sensor tells the (PCM) the temperature of the air entering the intake manifold. By the end of this post you’ll know how the sensor works, how to diagnose a faulty sensor, wiring and control module. In turn, other on-board control modules such as HVAC for example will make decisions based on these temperature readings also. Fuel pressure should be within specifications when the key on, then drop 4 to 6 psi once the engine starts.

Doing a compression test along with a cylinder leak down test will confirm any issues. Idle speed on a fuel injected engine is controlled by allowing a small amount of air to bypass the throttle. 5 volts or close to it means all is OK here. The coolant temperature sensor is a type of thermostat. If a good soaking with cleaner fails to fix the stalling problem, check the wiring connector. A vehicles coolant sensor is a critical component used by the engine management system. Unplugging the engine coolant temperature sensor before starting the engine may result in a no start, especially likely on a cold morning.

As a result, it will allow too much exhaust to be sucked back into the intake manifold. While sometimes a faulty sensor sends a permanent cold signal to the engine, it can also send a permanent hot signal. This won’t cause cold stalling but it can make for a rough idle once the engine warms up. This can cause the computer to incorrectly compensate for a lean signal, which can result in overheating, and even misfires or engine ping. The engine will run rich, so you’ll smell raw gas and you may see black smoke from the tail pipe. The (PCM) needs an accurate input so it can balance the air/fuel mixture properly. The second wire is the signal wire and is used to carry the reduced voltage back to the PCM. Engine Cooling Fan – Is Yours Working – How To Test It, Engine Surging or Misfiring – Many System Malfunctions Can Cause This, Alternator Or Battery Failure – Function – Failure Symptoms With Testing, Antifreeze Coolant – What Are The Basics You Really Need To Know, Auto Repair Basics – If You Drive A Car, You Should Learn Basic Repairs, Position Sensors (CKP)-(CMP) – Function And Failure Symptoms, Engine Not Starting – Narrow Down The Two Types Of Engine Not Starting, Crankshaft Position Sensor – (CKP) – Testing And Replacement, Electric Fuel Pumps – How Do They Work – How Can They Fail, Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) – Most Common Failure Symptoms, Car Starter – What Can Go Wrong, And Why – What Are The Warning Signs, Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System – What Does It Do, Broken Bolt – Stud Removing – Repair Tips To Save You Time And Money, Cooling Fan Relay – What Does It Do – Failure Symptoms – Basic Testing, The engine is very hard to start or turn over, The engine hesitates or drags while under load or idle, Hesitation and jerking during acceleration.


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