bad things about guam
Please make the following correction: it wasn’t Magellan who discovered Guam, it was the CHAMORRO people who discovered Gusm thank you. Interesting post! The nuts are sliced and chewed like gum or wrapped in pepper leaf and coated with lime. Great post, Mary! It’s easier to calculate distances as flight times versus miles and kilometers. I’m fascinated with all these islands of Micronesia. They would fill our plate up for so cheap. There are two primary economic generators for the island: tourism and the presence of the U.S. military. Love the post Mary! Water buffalos or carabaos are still used in some parts of Guam for farming. Amazing!

;) Thanks a bunch for the great post and keep the pics coming! While the world holds its collective breath and we wait for this international brouhaha to, hopefully, die down, here are some other reasons not to visit Guam: Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. Please continue to update this piece.

When Typhoon Omar hit, there were sustained winds of 154 mph in areas that were beneath the western eyewall of the storm. Do we really have to explain to you why they vanished? OH MY! Tourism has been the main industry for years. Scientists believe that consuming the bats that ate the seeds is what caused the Lyto Bodig and why it was so prevalent in Guam. 8. Due to its strategic location in the Pacific, the United States military presence has always been huge on the island. I’ve gotten quite a few “Your English is really good” comment over the years. You might even need to go through a court or law enforcement clearance process to start working.

With Guam being in the spotlight, here are six things you probably didn't know about the island. What, you don’t ride a horse or have a cowboy hat? People are generally happy to be associated with the US since they get the federal benefits. They thrive in the jungles and generally come out at night. It’s also my favorite place to buy souvenirs! The Tumon area is known as the hotel district that caters to the over a million annual tourists. These dances are usually danced to specific songs and some with reggae tunes. What a pretty island! Generally speaking, Guam is safe and both the Australian and Canadian governments advise travelers need to only exercise normal precautions when visiting. One of the issues is the cultural perspective where people should stand up for themselves and what they believe in any situation. There’s a fisherman’s festival and even an annual BBQ block party in July. Roman Catholics make up about 85% of the population. You’ve brought back some great memories with this post. I left the Air Force in April 1961 and we flew back to the states ( Space Available).

There are about 1.5 million visitors who make their way to the island each year, so there are always new faces to meet.

As for cancer, it still makes sense for there to be more cancer on Guam due to genetics. I would love to go back to visit, I probably would not recognize the place now. I miss the awesome snorkeling and “boonie stomping”. Thanks to some news outlets, many people have a vision of Guam as an island infested with brown tree snakes at every corner. Hafa adai! I am in the military and have traveled abroad and have seen some real disgusting places. Very interesting to hear from a native of the island. The Chamorro language is unique and has some Spanish similarities. I do miss “my” island! These docile creatures are still used by some for farming.

Just wanted to share. Can anybody tell the bad things?

It was colonized by Spain, briefly occupied by the Japanese during World War II and became an unincorporated United States Territory in 1950. Well said, you have given a wonderful example of the little Paradise that I once belong too. Their traditions are more Spanish than American as Spain controlled the islands for more than 300 years until 1898. I’ve been asked some weird questions about the Philippines too. There can be problems with nepotism and low pay when pursuing opportunities as well. Wow Mary, very interesting! There are 34-degree programs for undergraduates and 11 graduate-level options to pursue. I loved being ten minutes from a beach, (almost any where you live on the island) I loved the boonie stomping, the boonie peppers (oh yeah….those are hot as hell, but it’s mostly how long they burn for that got me) but most of all, I loved the people.

Recently conditions at Guam Memorial Hospital have gotten much worse as more and more of the … I did know where Guam is located, but not very much else, so very interesting post this, Mary. Because the chain was able to lower the prices of many of the goods needed for survival on the island, you’ll discover that it is a popular place for social media stops too. The store is open 24 hours a day, and it feels like you’re taking a step back in time to 1980 when you walk through it. Visitors to Guam have some risk of contracting disease through mosquito bites, including malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever and filariasis, according to the Centers for Disease Control. LOL. Part of the reason for this policy is the historical significance that this location played during World War II. More bad news: the civilian hospital, Guam Memorial Hospital, is not accredited.

Biba GUAM! The 30-year-old is a judoka, who competed in judo at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics and carried the flag for Guam at both Olympics but failed to win a medal despite being the heaviest judoka, weighing 214kg (34 stone). Or did you produce it your-self? It’s almost sacrilegious if you come from Guam and not know this dance.

I look forward to reading more about the island!

Guam is a melting pot of other cultures where 26% of the population is Filipinos, 11% is from the neighboring islands, other Asians and North Americans have made their homes here. It’s hard to buy what you need here, as one sailor’s wife wrote on a blog post: “One thing about Guam though is that in general, it is harder to get stuff out here, so if there’s something you remotely think you might need, bring it. The human form is believed to be a strong and large person who could sometimes be headless. Can’t wait to share our experience there. It is indeed a very special place and your article captured many of the wonderful things about it and brought back many of our wonderful memories. It is a beautiful island! The terrain is rough; the undergrowth grows back very fast, so you’d be blazing your own trails through sawgrass and forgotten caches of deteriorating WWII explosives; there’s no public transportation other than a bus route through the tourist district, and the roads are without sidewalks/shoulders. Wow! Didn’t know that there is such amazing land down there. Watch out for areas of road construction. Love the photos and very interesting explanation thanks. Lots of changes since then! Love your pictures. I lived on Guam for 15 years until I needed to move to a cooler climate due to cardiac arrest in 1980. The food was amazing.

December 8th is also when the Santa Maria Kamalen, Guam’s patron saint, is honored with thousands of people attending a rosary and procession. Wow, this post was so interesting! In addition to those fiestas, there are also festivals. Loved It , your story sounds like me telling it!!! U.S. to air-drop poisoned mice on Guam to kill snakes. It’s about eight miles wide at its maximum as well. As Guam is a United States territory, it can attract the attention of countries with anti-American sentiment. Unfortunately, I can only remember a handful of words now. She never took us back to Guam, though I really wish she had. It’s a great way to sample some food and experience the culture. hide. Understandably, there’s premium on imported goods.

Anyone who is born on Guam is automatically an American citizen. Learnt a lot about a new place today :). Terrific web-site. Thanks for debunking a few things! Ancient Chamorros believed the world around them was full of spirits who provided guidance and protection.

You’ll experience stronger winds during this time, and it might rain several times per day. share.

Your pets may need to go through a complete commercial quarantine. Btw, I would think it is better the island remains a hidden gem as opposed to being overrun with tourists. Really enjoyed reading it. There's no place like home as we say, we can only hold on to our memories on how we grew up on our beautiful island. I am glad you got to go back home and write about our beautiful Island of Guam. I had a brother-in-law from Guam that introduced me to some of the foods and culture. Great post!! Guam is a territory and Puerto Rico is a commonwealth which is one step above to statehood. Hope to return some day, we were young and missed a lot. and residents don’t live in huts.


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