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'My name is Annett Wolf, and I am a lady'. Annett persuades Elvis’ father Vernon Presley to give his eulogy seated in his son’s study surrounded by tens of thousands of letters from fans around the world. After seeing A Twist of Lemmon Danish TV immediately signs on as co-producers of The world of Alfred Hitchcock, Walter Matthau and Telly Savalas alias Theo Kojak and Hurray for Hollywood, a three-part documentary series on the American film industry featuring producer and then head of Paramount Studios Robert Evans, directors Norman Jewison, Steven Spielberg, John Frankenheimer and John Cassavetes. The special actually contains two messages by Elvis' father: one taped in a hotel room during the tour in June when Elvis was still alive, and the other taped in the back office of Graceland shortly after his death, where Vernon thanks the many people who sent letters and cards after Elvis' death. Watch an interesting interview with Annett Wolf, one of the co-producers of Elvis In Concert in 1977. During the special, Elvis performs a number of songs spanning his career. This may have been done so that viewers would not have to see Elvis fumbling through the recitation, although this footage was included in the later documentary 'This Is Elvis' to illustrate his poor condition at the time, and the recitation was left intact on the soundtrack album as well. In addition to her broadcast career, she also worked as a theater director with her productions at the Royal Danish Theater of Micheál Mac Liammóir‘s play The Importance of Being Oscar (1970) and the Danish adaptation of the American musical revue Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (1971), both starring actor Erik Mørk. With an introduction by Mojo Nixon, articles from the New Republic and Harpers sit alongside essays and book extracts. Refining her skills, Annett experiments with ways to break down the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction and discovers a passion for the profundity of silence, which she illustrates in The Girl with the Ballet Slippers (1965), The Man who lost his Shoe (1969) and A Sailor in search of his Soul (1971), the latter starring Preben Lerdorff Rye, the renowned Danish director Carl Th. This series of shows was produced in cooperation with Danmarks Radio. Wolf also teaches film and “The art of the in-depth Interview” at Dalhousie University, Halifax. In 1988 a vicious gang war rages in the ghettos of Los Angeles between the Crips and Bloods with more than ten thousand young lives lost in the course of five years. Annett is presently located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1962, she is given the opportunity to produce and direct jazz concerts with legends like Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Dave Brubeck, Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster. “It’s imperative we are both on the same page. They already emphasize and exaggerate the tragedy and sadness of the last years of his life too much. Facing another crossroad, she takes time for reflection and to explore her options. [7], In 1988, she joined advertising executive Harry Webber, directing the musical drama Crossfire. In October 2017, the Danish Film Institute also held a retrospective of her body of work, which also drew much attention from the press, including a 6-page story in the national daily newspaper Politiken [16], Annett Wolf is the mother of Annett Wolf Junior, Hollywood publicist, co-founder of Wolf-Kasteler Public Relations (WK-PR agency), Charlie Chaplin, The Man, the Clown and the Director, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, Jacques Brel er i live, har det godt og bor i Paris, Women in Film and Television International, Charles Chaplin, the Man, the Clown and the Director, Star Trek, The Motion Picture - The Making-off, "The Visual World of Marcel Marceau (1967 ; patronyme du réalisateur) : émission télévisée", "DANSKE DANISH FILM DIRECTORS INSTRUKTØRER", "Archives: Results for "Annett Wolf" between 1975 - 1990", "Rétrospective Annett Wolf - La Cinémathèque française", "Annett Wolf par Annett Wolf : une leçon de cinéma - La Cinémathèque française", "Annett Wolf, la femme qui fait parler les étoiles", "Annett Wolf, instantanés du XXe siècle (TV Movie 2017) - IMDb", "Instantanés du XXe siècle : Annett Wolf (Damien Bertrand, 2016) - La Cinémathèque française", "Hun har lavet film med Hitchcock, Bergman og det halve Hollywood.

Wolf has lived in Nova Scotia for a decade. In 1978 Annett resigns her position at Danish TV and relocates full time to Los Angeles. In fact, Elvis made five more concert appearances before giving what would be his final show in Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 26.

Never before have we seen an Elvis Presley concert from the 1950's with sound. "At a minute past six (AM), I was awakened by a call from Annette Wolfe, a Danish TV producer on loan to CBS Network to assist in the peripheral filming of the Elvis concert special. The project is being set up as an international co-production to be shot in the Canadian Arctic, Spain, England, Wales and Denmark. Elvis Presley was stationed in the town during his stint in the US army. Her admiration for the Belgium singer and lyricist Jacques Brel let her to the in-depth profile The World of Jacques Brel (1972), shot in Knokke-le-Zoute in Flanders. 'Not before I got to the gospel, did I fall in love with Elvis'. She then established herself as an independent Hollywood producer and directed documentaries, making-of featurettes, and trailers to promote major productions overseas.

These documentaries were shot on location. The film will tell the story of a woman in her seventies.

Annette Wolf talks about Elvis cbs tv special 1977 - YouTube

In Hollywood, she directed a series of in-depth profiles with Jack Lemmon, Alfred Hitchcock, Walter Matthau and Telly Savalas. Wolf should not be confused with her daughter, Hollywood publicist Annett Wolf Junior. This week Wolf, 79, is on her way to Bad Nauheim, Germany.

In 2004 she went to Yellowknife, in the Canadian Northwest Territories to research arctic wildlife especially wolves in the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary. Until Now! Besides chairing the event, Wolf was the presenter and interviewer of live conversations with Danish director Bille August, Swedish actors Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Harriet Anderson, Ingrid Thulin and cinematographer Sven Nykvist. “Elvis won’t let go of me.” This week Wolf, 79, is on her way to Bad Nauheim, Germany.

She also directed Hurray for Hollywood, a three-part documentary series about Hollywood and the American film industry. The film would be Danish TV’s first film in colour. Deeply disturbed by the gang wars and the loss of young lives, Annett joins forces with advertising mastermind Harry Webber to direct the stage play Peace in the Crossfire. That same year came Hurray for Hollywood, a three-part series on Hollywood and the American film industry featuring Robert Evans, John Schlesinger, Dustin Hoffman, John Cassavetes, Steven Spielberg, Michael Schultz, John Frankenheimer, Norman Jewison, Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown. -------Annett startede sin karriere i DR i starten af 60'erne, indtil hun i 1975 flyttede til USA. In January 2016, the French Cinémathèque française in Paris held a large retrospective of her body of work consisting of 25 films. © 2012-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Wise Wolf Productions. Posts about Elvis written by Annette Nichols. dating from 1969 has been issued by RCA on numerous occasions. Hun fik mulighed for at dokumentarer og interviews om Jack Lemmon, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg og mange andre. In 1983, Wolf co-founded Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI), a global network of some 40 Women in Film Chapters worldwide with over 13,000 members dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video, and other screen-based media.

She is in the right place at the right time when America’s favorite actor Jack Lemmon agrees to sit down for an interview, but with one caveat: he gets to talk about his father and their close relationship. She asks that we don’t reveal his name, but he’s someone whose work is recognized and admired by cineastes. We asked a professional make-up effects artist how to paint your face for Halloween, Showing Until Now! It's rare to see an interview with a star which leaves the viewer in tears, but that's what happens here as Lewis himself is seen crying and totally vulnerable.

By pure coincidence Annett lands a job as a production assistant with DR/TV, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The new concept promotes films like Missing, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and 48hrs marking the debut of the brilliant twenty-one-year old standup comedian Eddie Murphy. “I’d say, ‘Don’t you want to hear about Paul Newman?’ And they’d say, ‘No, thank you. In 1986 and 1987, she hosted An Evening With…, a series of live conversations in Los Angeles with guests: Dudley Moore, Sydney Pollack, Sir David Puttnam, Michel Legrand and Marcel Marceau. 23, Tilmeld dig her og modtag en række udvalgte events direkte i din indbakke, Taastrup Hovedgade 71, 2630 Taastrup, Danmark, Taastrup, Cognitions and emotions in pain and disability: identification and management strategies. 1-2 Peace in the Crossfire is credited by The Los Angeles Times as being the first serious effort by the L.A. gangs to stop the war and the story makes the front page of the Wall Street Journal and Esquire Magazine. A remarkable portrait of a human being. At the Florida location director Jeannot Szwarc and his crew face overwhelming problems, with the dreaded mechanical sharks. First under the banner of Don Stern Productions, and from 1981 on, with her own company, Mc Curry-Wolf enterprises, these documentaries, trailers, featurettes, behind the scenes and interviews, were often announced and reviewed in issues of The Hollywood Reporter and Variety,[6] and used to promote and market the American major films overseas through United International Pictures, London. Annett’s unusual style and inventive documentaries catch the attention of the PR and marketing departments of the major studios. In 1980, she also directed It's a New Day, a short documentary on new attitudes and technologies which are helping the physically handicapped overcome their difficulties. This is an excellent release no fan should be without it. Right now, the emphasis for us is to remind them of all that came before. “A lot of the fans today are young and have just discovered him,” she says. Between 1962 and 1977, she worked for Danmarks Radio, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, directing numerous in-depth profiles with artists such as Jacques Brel, Jerry Lewis, Dave Allen, Peter Ustinov and Peter Sellers. In 1977 director Dwight Hemion and his producing partner Gary Smith are about to produce the CBS special Elvis in Concert.

Earlier that year producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown had hired her to write, produce and direct The making of Jaws II.

In January of this year she went to Paris to be feted by the legendary Cinémathèque Française, which screened a retrospective of her decades of work, now housed permanently in its archives. She is in pre-production for the feature film So It Was.

Enjoy this CTV interview with the Film Producer Annette wolf who was hired by CBS to interview fans and film behind the scenes of the 1977 CBS TV Special. Elvis also removed both of his then-current singles, 'Moody Blue' and 'Way Down', from the setlist; Elvis had forgotten the lyrics to 'Moody Blue' when attempting to perform it earlier in the tour and never performed it live again. “Soon to be 80, it’s time to close the book and to start a new chapter,” says Wolf. And so, in 1975, she takes a giant leap and will try her luck in Hollywood with a letter of introduction from Peter Sellers and her profiles of Peter Sellers and Peter Ustinov in hand.


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