amana thermostat manual

Luckily, indoor temperature control has evolved. After labeling wires, remove wires from wire terminals.


Press the up or down button to change settings within each screen. <> /Contents 2 0 R Copyright © 2015 Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. 6.

6. <> Put thermostat base against the wall where you plan to mount it (Be sure wires will feed through the wire opening. Note: The mode cannot be changed when the thermostat is locked. Maximum Heat Setpoint (45°F to 90°F) (7°C to 32°C). in whole is strictly prohibited. Amana® is a registered trademark of Maytag Corporation or its related companies and is used under license. 2017. /XObject <> direct sunlight, behind a door, or in an area affected by a vent or duct.

Page 1 Step 9 and minimum cool set temperature selected in Configuration The Amana ® 2246008 thermostat is configurable for all systems. Duplication in part or The basic thermostat is designed to turn on the central heating and cooling system at one temperature and off at another. Configure the thermostat to operate with the remote indoor sensor (see Configuration Mode setting 13). Align thermostat base with mounting holes and feed the control wires through slit in thermal intrusion barrier and. The indoor remote sensor is used to read the indoor temperature, in a different location.

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Note: Pressing the left button will return you to the previous screen. To remove cover, pull gently at the seam at the top. Provide the option of utilizing a smartphone or home automation device to control indoor temperature and humidity settings. Refer to the following section for instructions on how to install this thermostat. Mount remote sensor unit using hardware provided. 1 0 obj Note: If there is no remote sensor, option 1 must be selected. /CropBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] For example, both the Amazon Echo and Google Home integrate with the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort App to provide advanced inter-connectivity and voice control ability. According to ENERGY STAR®, it was challenging to identify household thermostats that save energy because of the disparities of how an individual or family ultimately sets the temperature4 But Abi Daken, Program Manager for ENERGY STAR® HVAC products, said, “Anyone who cares about energy savings but is too busy to think about their heating and cooling use can be assured that these products have shown they help other busy families."5.

ComfortBridge technology ‘bridges’ indoor comfort with smart technology, and is factory-installed into select, premium Goodman brand gas furnaces and air handlers. Advancements in technology may allow your heating and cooling system to communicate directly with your smart phone or app. Non-programmable electronic thermostat (2 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Installation, operation & application manual, Thermostat Amana 2246003 Installation, Operation & Application Manual, Thermostat Amana 2246007 Installation, Operation & Application Manual, Thermostat Amana 2246002 Installation, Operation & Application Manual, Thermostat Amana TSTATA4271GT Owner's Manual, Thermostat Amana DSA01NM Installation Instructions. /Font <> 4, 5 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This is beneficial when the thermostat is not. When a compatible smart thermostat or control system is installed, a coordinating app may be able to remotely monitor and manage home comfort, and possibly energy use anytime, anywhere. : Always turn off power at the main power supply before installing, cleaning, or removing, • This thermostat is for 24 VAC applications only; do not use on voltages over 30 VAC, • Do not short across terminals of gas valve or system control to test operation; this will damage your thermostat, • All wiring must conform to local and national electrical and building codes, • Do not use air conditioning when the outdoor temperature is below 50 degrees; this can damage your A/C system, • Use this thermostat only as described in this manual, 2246008 thermostat on base, thermostat cover, wiring labels, screws and wall, anchors, Installation, Operation and Application Guide, Tools required for installation: Drill with 3/16" bit, hammer, screwdriver, ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD – Turn off power at the main service panel by removing the fuse, or switching the appropriate circuit breaker to the OFF position before removing the existing, 1.

IMPORTANT: Thermostat installation must conform to local and national building and electrical codes and, Note: Mount the thermostat about five feet above the floor. Insert stripped, labeled wires in matching wire terminals. 12. Use the output chart to correctly configure and wire the thermostat to your system. For troubleshooting, product registration, manuals, parts, service plans and more - check out the Amana Owner Center. H��W�n�H}�Wԣ ���&$|S��m9�c1,h��8+��H����n�D�6��y�ȤTu��ԩ�?�/Ӂ���(��,|'+?�O���~�Al�N���������)N���)�t����b��H�)���B�%~&�(�;�c�4�1�{p>�_a��d����7p|}g�k8��N j��ד��_�?�L��q�d.��dL���&ue�u0��_uR���8Wh. Select whether the outputs for heating and cooling are staged off independently or, 5. 2 "A Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling." Preprogramming temperatures can create an indoor environment that makes occupants most comfortable and potentially save homeowners money in the process. Download 11 Amana Thermostat PDF manuals. Maximum Cycles Allowed Per Hour (- -, 2-6), - - = as many as needed, 2-6 = maximum cycles/hour. 5. The Amana® commercial microwaves are manufactured under license by ACP, Inc. COOL-HEAT lockout allows adjustment of the set temperatures to the maximum heat, set temperature selected in Step 9 and minimum cool set temperature selected in. /ArtBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] Use a hammer to tap supplied anchors in mounting holes. The Basic Thermostat . ComfortBridge helps your entire Goodman brand heating and cooling system cost-effectively operate at peak performance. Press the CONFIG button for 2 seconds to exit configuration. Average temperature of on-board and remote sensor.

All rights reserved. Although some early programmable thermostats could be challenging to program, newer models were designed to be more intuitive and easier to operate. For example, a thermostat for a heat pump should include an option for auxiliary heat. thermostat. 15. Adjust to calibrate displayed room temperature to match actual room temperature. This extra savings feature is used to, temporarily lock out auxiliary heat devices, allowing just heat pump to try to satisfy heat, 8. Turn off power to the heating and cooling system by removing the fuse or switching the appropriate circuit. The auxiliary heat switch activates the air handler’s (the most common inside component of a heat pump system) heat strips to turn on to supplement the output. Use supplied screws to mount thermostat base to wall. Please visit or call (877) 254-4729 for all of your PTAC needs. /MediaBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] /StructParents 1 2. 11. Remove existing thermostat base from wall. The setup screens for Configuration Mode are as follows: Stage Temperature Differential (1°F to 5°F) (0.5°C to 2.5°C), Set the number of degrees between your "setpoint" temperature and your "turn on". Press the up or down button to set deadband value. Enter a low-power standby mode when inactive. %PDF-1.4 %���� Remove cover from remote sensor housing. 10. S1 S2 R Y1 W2 Y2 Step 10. The configuration directly affects the outputs. 2246008 thermostat is configurable for all systems. 10. Certified Products. What is ComfortBridge technology? 1. Press the SYS (left) button until off mode displays. W1 – 1st stage heat for non-heat pump systems, Y1 – 1st stage cool, 1st stage heat for heat pumps, W2 – 2nd stage heat for non-heat pump systems, Electric Heat for heat pump systems, Y2 – 2nd stage cool for 2 compressor systems, 2nd stage heat for 2 compressor heat pump systems, * G not energized when configured as a gas/oil system. 14. >> 3 ENERGY STAR®. Install two strand shielded wire between remote sensor and, (Shown: Optional ICM ACC-RT103 Remote Indoor. 9. Turn off power to the heating and cooling system by removing the fuse or switching the appropriate circuit breaker.

In the near future, a thermostat or control system mounted on a home’s wall may not even be necessary.

can be changed during keypad lockout or select to lockout during NITE period only. Minimum Deadband (1°F to 9°F) (1°C to 5°C), Set the minimum separation between heat setpoint and cool setpoint in Auto. Shielded wire is recommended. Honeywell Thermostat TH5220D1003 Manual; Honeywell Thermostat T7351F2010 Instructions Manual; 7. /BleedBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] Label the existing wires with the enclosed wire labels before removing wires. 11. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Commercial Microwave.

Room Temperature Offset (+9°F to -9°F) (+4.5°C to -4.5°C). 3. Not too long ago, homeowners like you had to adjust their indoor temperature by opening windows or fueling fires. The sophistication level of indoor temperature control was elevated with the introduction of the programmable thermostat. Using a 3/16" drill bit, drill holes in the places you have marked for mounting. CAUTION! The smart thermostat or control system designs may vary, but these devices may:3, In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the ENERGY STAR® specifications for smart thermostats. 2. Gently tug wire to be sure of proper connection. 2246008 functions with heat pump, air conditioning, gas, oil or electric heat systems. Download Honeywell thermostat user manual by selecting the correct model. Press the CONFIG button for 1 second while the Amana. The evolution of a home without a thermostat or control system may be just around the corner. 3. : Be sure exposed portion of wires does not touch other wires.


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